Conference Information

The Singapore International Science Teachers’ Conference will be held at the Science Centre Singapore from 11th – 13th November 2015 with the first day designated for pre-conference activities. The objectives of Singapore International Science Teachers’ Conference 2015 are:

  • To promote awareness and importance of science literacy in science education;
  • To develop teacher competencies in science curriculum, pedagogy and assessment; and
  • To provide an international platform for science teachers to share effective practices and innovative strategies to enhance students’ learning.

Theme and Programme

“Science Learning in the 21st Century: Perspectives and Possibilities” has been chosen to be the theme of the conference. It seeks to highlight the importance of ensuring that the teaching and learning of science keeps in pace with a changing world that is becoming more complex and interconnected so as to prepare our students for a life of learning, challenges and opportunities.

The conference will provide opportunities for science teachers to learn from experts in the field of science education and also share their classroom experiences, innovative strategies and good practices that enhance quality learning and teaching of science.

The call for submission of Abstract is in March and closed on 30th June. The abstract should be more than 250 words including aims, methodology and findings (or its equivalent). Presenters may submit their conference paper by 30th September 2015.

Conference Details

11th – 13th November 2015
Science Centre Singapore
15 Science Centre Rd
Singapore 609081



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    Singapore International Science Teachers' Conference 2015